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Concrete Cutting

CONCRETE CUTTING uses blades with industrial diamond segments to cut asphalt, concrete, brick, block or masonry.  At Fast Forward we use a range of methods to cut these materials depending on the specific material and site application, including:


FLAT SAWING is the most commonly used concrete cutting method. Flat sawing is used to cut flat horizontal surfaces like asphalt parking lots, concrete sidewalks, brick or paver patios and concrete floor slabs.  We use a self-propelled gas or electric saw to cut through these materials to remove sections of damaged paving, remove materials for new footings or trenches, and to separate an area for demolition.

PUSH SAWING is used in areas that a flat saw would have difficulty accessing.  The push saw is like a flat saw but smaller and more maneuverable.

WALL SAWING uses a track mounted machine with a circular saw blade.  The track is mounted on a wall or other surface and the machine is run back and forth to cut the wall.  Wall sawing is used to create openings in walls for door and window openings or to limit demolition areas.

HAND SAWING uses a circular blade mounted on a hand-held electric or gas powered saw. Hand sawing is used in areas where portability is required.  Typical applications include cutting openings in walls, floors or ceilings for duct openings.

CHAIN SAWING uses a hand-held chain saw with diamond segments to create small rectangular openings or to help eliminate overcuts by squaring the corners of an opening being cut with a wall saw.

CORE DRILLING is used where precise circular holes are required.  Holes of any diameter up to 60 inches are possible to make mechanical, electrical or plumbing openings through walls, floors or ceilings.  Core drilling is also used to provide holes for dowels, concrete anchors or samples of concrete or rock.


CONCRETE GRINDING is used to smooth uneven transitions between slabs of pavement or rough concrete.  Concrete grinding is often used to grind down the high spots where tree roots have lifted a slab and created a trip hazard.

CONCRETE REMOVAL is performed using many methods depending upon site access and the size of the job.  For smaller jobs or those that require removal with no vibration, we can cut the concrete into pieces so it can be removed by hand or with a machine.  For smaller jobs with limited access and no limit to vibration, we can use jackhammers to break the concrete into smaller pieces so it can be removed by hand.  For larger jobs with better access we use machines such as skid-steer loaders, mini excavators, Brokk machines, backhoes, and excavators with breakers.

EXCAVATION or TRENCHING is used to remove dirt to provide for thicker slabs, footings, grade beams or trenches for plumbing or electrical conduits.

We can perform CONCRETE REPLACEMENT after backfilling and compacting utility trenches or to replace damaged sections of slabs or paving.

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