City Of Hope – Duarte Outpatient Center

City Of Hope – Duarte Outpatient Center

Fast Forward enabled the City of Hope – Duarte Outpatient Clinic in California to undergo selective site and building demolition.

Project Details

Project Type: Demolition
Location: 1500 East Duarte Road, Duarte CA 91010
General Contractor: DPR Construction

Start Date: August 2023
Finish Date: December 2023

demolition completed - view 1
demolition completed - view 2
demolition completed - view 3
breaking concrete on site
breaking concrete on site up close
breaking brick wall on site
cleaning concrete debris on site
sawing concrete on site
fast forward concrete cutting truck side view
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The extraordinary abilities and precision of the Fast Forward Concrete Cutting crew, working with renowned general contractor DPR Construction, enabled the City of Hope – Duarte Outpatient Clinic in California to undergo selective site and building demolition.

Fast Forward Concrete Cutting demolished portions of the site and existing buildings for a new ground-up building.

Fast Forward’s team commenced the work by slicing through 78 linear feet of concrete slab, each measuring 7 inches thick.

The team’s expertise was evident as they swiftly removed handrails, demolished concrete sidewalks, and piled concrete debris with remarkable finesse.

Meticulous Deconstruction

As the project continued, the team’s prowess in selective demolition became increasingly evident. The team meticulously broke and removed concrete slabs and curbs.

To tackle the task, a Bobcat was employed, deftly loading the material into trucks for disposal.

Every step was taken to ensure safety, including dust control measures and specialized equipment like compressors and rivet busters. Each piece of machinery was carefully chosen to ensure the job was done on time.

Redefining Spaces

The project’s scope extended to demolishing brick wing walls, cosmetic concrete chipping, and removing abandoned electrical infrastructure.

The team worked tirelessly to transform the space, easily breaking and removing entire walls, ultimately cutting them into manageable pieces for efficient disposal.

Exterior and Interior Upgrades

The project’s exterior and interior received a complete overhaul, partitions, doors, T-bar ceilings, lights, and floor finishes were removed with unmatched efficiency.

The MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) systems were also stripped away, setting the stage for modernization.

Our commitment to sustainability was evident in every aspect of the project, carefully managing slurry and debris and adhering to eco-friendly practices throughout the demolition and renovation.


Fast Forward’s journey from selective demolition to building demolition is a good example of concrete cutting and skillful deconstruction.