3 Tips How To Work With A Demolition Contractor In Los Angeles

3 Tips How To Work With A Demolition Contractor In Los Angeles

Although every Los Angeles demolition project is different, there are some common ways in how to effectively plan. Here are 3 tips that will make working with a Los Angles demolition contractor more efficient and easy for you, the company you hire, and those who work or live around the demolition site.

Tip #1: Provide your contractor with as much information as you can as early as possible

Of course when you initially hire a demolition company in Los Angeles you will provide them with useful information. This can include things like an overview of the project, a description of the materials that will be demolished, copies of any architectural drawings or blueprints you may have, and the exact square footage and dimensions of the area that will be removed.

However, following the demolition phase most projects include a renovation or construction phase. When this is the case and it takes up most of your time and attention, important things can be overlooked. Therefore, stop and take time to ask yourself “What else might be helpful for my Los Angeles demolition contractor to know?”  

Some things that may come to mind that are valuable to share are:

  • Additions or renovations that are not in the property’s original renderings.
  • Obstacles that are in the way of getting equipment to the demolition site.
  • Unexpected materials that will have to be dealt with such as old tile that is still underneath wood or carpeted flooring.
  • Unusual plumbing, electrical wiring, or load bearing wall installations.
  • Potentially hazardous materials that you are already aware of such as asbestos.

Tip #2: Ask your contractor to detail their tasks to avoid duplication of effort

Although you can rely on your Los Angeles demolition contractor for a lot, don’t underestimate the positive outcomes clear communication can create and the problems faulty assumptions can cause.

A good ideas is to ask your contractor to specifically go over with you what they will do and what you should do. If you have not worked with a Los Angeles demolition company before, let them know and don’t be afraid to ask questions.   

A few examples of what to ask include:

  • What inspections are useful or necessary and who will coordinate them?
  • What permits are required and who will obtain them?
  • What services need to be temporarily or permanently turned off and who is responsible for making sure it happens?
  • What is the best way to haul away debris and who will do it?

Tip #3: Prepare your neighbors before the demolition work begins

Unless your Los Angeles demolition services will be happening far away from any other homes or businesses, those living or working around the demolition site may be adversely affected. Letting your neighbors know ahead of time what will happen and when it will happen can go a long way in alleviating the sting of any inconveniences they may experience.

In summary

By being diligent about proactively providing information to your contractor and your neighbors as well as asking pertinent questions so you’ll know exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it will make working with a Los Angeles demolition company a no-hassle experience!   

If you are looking for an exceptional Los Angeles demolition contractor who can guide you step-by-step through the entire process, contact Fast Forward Concrete Cutting at (888) 267-1564 or online. Our staff will be happy to help!