9 Signs of Bad Demolition in Los Angeles

9 Signs of Bad Demolition in Los Angeles

So you know the 10 questions to ask a Los Angeles demolition contractor in order to determine if they are qualified to complete your project. Demolition starts and you ask yourself what you should be looking for to know if they’re doing a good or bad job.

If this is your first time hiring a demolition company in Los Angeles, you may not know when things aren’t going smoothly or in compliance with buidling codes, permits and requirements. What are you to do?

Below we’ve listed 9 signs you can observe visually from a distance while demolition is occurring to determine if your demolition project is being done correctly and up to code. We hope this list can help you avoid getting into a situation where you choose the wrong contractor.

  1. Dust leaving the jobsite. They are required to have dust control measures in place.
  2. Piles of trash that aren’t being regularly cleaned up.
  3. Not having good traffic control. This includes people with flags to make sure trucks leaving the site don’t affect traffic on the street in any way. If traffic gets stopped up when a truck leaves the site, that’s bad.
  4. Trucks speeding as they’re leaving the jobsite.
  5. Mud or dirt being tracked or washed into the street. This is absolutely not allowed.
  6. Tall, unsupported walls which can be very unstable and not good.
  7. If workers lets the slurry from concrete cutting go into the storm drains. This is illegal, but some companies still do it. This is absolutely a bad sign!
  8. Workers not wearing personal safety equipment including vests, hard hats, glasses, boots, gloves, long sleeves and ear protection is difficult to see from a distance, since they’re in-ear)
  9. Workers not be tied in near edges. They must have their harnesses on and be tied in.

Do you suspect signs of a bad demolition job?

At Fast Forward we’ve assisted many Los Angeles clients who have had a bad experience with their previous demolition contractor. You often get what you pay for, and if you choose the least expensive contractor, they probably cut many corners to make their profit. Unfortunately, you’re left with a incomplete demolition job that had to be stopped due to safety code violations. Fast Forward can fix that for you.

If you suspect a bad demolition job, we’ll do a thorough revaluation of the work completed to date and get to the bottom of any issue that caused problems.

Contact us today at 888-267-1564 and let’s schedule an appointment.