Hollywood Galaxy Parking Structure

Hollywood Galaxy Parking Structure

Fast Forward broke and hauled 3500 square feet of concrete every day. In order to accomplish this feat, they modified a piece of equipment to form a custom ripper/slab grab attachment called “The Claw.”

Project Details

Project Type: Demolition
Location: Hollywood, CA
General Contractor: PCL Construction
Contact: Steve Witt

Start Date: August 2005
Finish Date: December 2005
Contract Value: $780,000
Contract Type: Fixed Price

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Job Highlights

  • Innovative customization of equipment to create “The Claw” specifically for this job.
  • Tight schedule imposed by owner.
  • Limited site access.
  • Expanded safety requirements to protect the general public.
  • Kept on schedule working with the general contractor while they poured new concrete.
  • Saved 50% time and labor on project.
  • Kept debris stockpile neat and safe.
  • Vigilant with traffic control topside.
  • Fast Forward had a “whatever it takes” attitude to get job done on time and on budget.


CIM Group hired PCL, the general contractor, to renovate the Galaxy parking structure on Sycamore Avenue near Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood. This project was loaded with exceedingly difficult demolition requirements. Fast Forward took up the challenge with an innovative spirit and determination to maintain the tight schedule imposed by the owner.

The demolition portion of the job was roughly 25% of the entire project.

Fast Forward views the relationship between the general contractor and themselves as a partnership. This forms a bond of integrity and trust between Fast Forward management and the contractor and optimizes the attitude of the staff on site to produce high quality workmanship and safety on the job.

The 162,000 square foot slab on metal deck (Robertson decking) had serious concrete cracking problems which needed to be addressed. The existing concrete was reinforced with wire mesh. It was replaced with ½” rebar 12″ on center each way with new concrete poured back in.

The project was divided into “bays” or sections. Fast Forward removed every other section, and PCL followed behind pouring the new concrete and letting it set up. They worked around the perimeter toward the center. The center was a bigger area and more wide open so a larger area could be completed in a day. Teamwork and coordination between PCL and Fast Forward were essential elements toward getting the work done in a timely manner.

Fast Forward cut, broke and hauled 3500 square feet of concrete every day. In order to accomplish this feat, they modified a piece of equipment to form a custom ripper/slab grab attachment referred to as “the claw.” In lieu of the need to use many jackhammers on the job, the ripper/slab grabber saved approximately 50% time and labor.

Fast Forward used a four step process to complete the work:

  1. Sawcut a border 3-1/2″ deep, locate laps for flutes which meant going to the floor below, and cut 5-1/2″.
  2. Pre-break concrete over beam.
  3. “Claw” the concrete making sure not to break through the flutes.
  4. Load the concrete onto 5 x 8 dump trailers to accommodate low ceiling height. They then removed the loads from the structure, where they were stockpiled and loaded onto roughly five semis per day.

PCL’s superintendent on this project was impressed by the integrity of Fast Forward’s commitment to getting the job done right.

He pointed to four areas where Fast Forward excelled.

  1. Fast Forward was considerate to the public while working in an occupied structure.
  2. Fast Forward is strong on safety.
  3. Fast Forward created the ripper idea which enabled the general contractor to comfortably assure the owner they would complete on time.
  4. Fast Forward stayed aware of the tight schedule and did “whatever it took” (even overtime) to stay on track.

The PCL Superintendent said he would wholeheartedly use Fast Forward in the future.