Soliciting Demolition Work in Los Angeles

Soliciting Demolition Work in Los Angeles

If you require a full-service Los Angeles contractor for demolition work, Fast Forward is the demolition company to hire.

Fast Forward was established in 1990 to handle a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial projects, both large and small, requiring selective exterior and interior demolition and haul away.

We’ve performed demolitions of residences, vacant homes, apartment buildings, schools, libraries and other non-residence structures. Below are just a few demolition projects in the Greater Los Angeles Area:

  • Glendale Library: Remodel of a two-story library building with interior and exterior renovations in multiple phases with soft and hard demolition.
  • 2777 N Ontario St: Originally owned by Lockheed-Martin, 2777 N. Ontario was renovated beginning in 2008. The UK-based Eikon Group began leasing the building in 2018 with a ten-year agreement.
  • Hercules Campus: We carefully removed significant amounts of paving and landscaping up to the edge of the historic buildings.
  • Laborers’ Local 300: Relatively straightforward demolition project nonetheless had to meet today’s strict environmental standards.
  • VA Hospital Building 300 Loading Dock: Selective demolition and removal of the loading dock behind Building 300. Demolition was carried out to the edge of the building, taking care not to damage the building itself.

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Demolition Experts in Los Angeles, CA

Fast Forward can accommodate most provisions concerning pre-demolition surveys, waste management plans, salvage and recycling, waste handling and disposal based on regulatory requirements for cities, counties, land banks and other entities.

Prior to beginning demolition, we will conduct a complete and thorough inspection and survey of salvageable materials, non-hazardous wastes (including recyclable waste materials), and potential hazardous waste streams.

Throughout the duration of the project, we will maintain permits in compliance with all appropriate federal, state, and local requirements.

To help protect our environment, we reuse and recycle the materials from a demolition project including concrete, asphalt, steel and wood (whenever possible). As of 2019, at least 75% of the materials from each job are recycled.

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